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Phrasal Verbs With Look

Phrasal Verbs with look   Look after means to take care of someone or something. This is often used with children, the elderly, and pet. Although it can be used with other nouns. “I need you to look after your sister.” “We have a great security team to look after the building.”   Look ahead

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The Best Places to Eat in Cleveland

The Best Places to Eat in Cleveland Cleveland definitely gets a wrap for being a sleepy town where

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Studying English in Cleveland: A Student’s Experience (Part 2 of Ahmed’s Story)

This is the second part of  Ahemd’s, (a student from Saudi Arabia), experience of studying in two English speaking countries. On the fist leg of his adventure he studied in Melbourne, Australia,  which you can read about here. For part two of his exploration he moved to the other side of the world to Cleveland, Ohio

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Studying English in Melbourne: A Student’s Experience (Part 1 of Ahmed’s Story)

I recently had a conversation with Ahmed, a 29 year old  student from Saudi Arabia who had previously studied in Melbourne, Australia ,and is currently studying in Cleveland, Ohio.  I wanted to share his perspective on what it’s like for a student learning English to travel to an English speaking country. Back home Ahmed completed


TOEFL Speaking Type 1 Questions

TOEFL Speaking Type 1 Questions Below you’ll find a list of TOEFL  Speaking Type 1 Questions. In the exam

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The sweet scent of success

The sweet scent of success A. Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Right Mix, can bring spectacular result and Propel